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 As the name implies, anticorrosive storage tank basically stores corrosive objects, so the safety factor is very high. So what should we pay attention to when transporting, installing and using anticorrosive tanks?

1. During the transportation and installation of anti-corrosion storage tank, strong impact and collision on the equipment body shall be avoided.
The vertical anti-corrosion storage tank can be placed on the ground and then erected. The foundation for the installation of anti-corrosion tank requires the ground to be flat and able to bear the corresponding pressure. Because it is inevitable that the bottom of large vertical anti-corrosion tank will protrude into the tank to form a spherical crown when forming, it is recommended to use 2-6cm fine sand on a horizontal basis to form a spherical crown corresponding to the bottom of the tank.
Horizontal anti-corrosion storage tank shall be placed in the base made of cement brick. The foundation is generally made by stacking on site, that is: place the horizontal tank at the place of use, and then fill it with brick cement, and pay attention to put some sand on the contact surface between the tank and the brick, and then put it into use after the cement brick foundation is fully solidified. The base height is generally half of the can body.
2. Anti static facilities shall be provided for containing high resistance organic solvents.
3. The installation and use environment of the equipment shall be far away from the source and avoid contact with open fire.
4. When the anti-corrosion storage tank stores chemicals, the storage items shall be clearly marked. There shall be a good drainage trench and dilution device around the site where the anti-corrosion tank is placed.
5. Due to the soft material of all plastic flange compared with steel plate, the user shall check the sealing performance of anti-corrosion tank installation before use, and can add liquid to observe whether there is leakage. For the storage tank containing chemical liquid, it is better to use water for leakage test to prevent loss.
6. If there is a joint or flange connection at the lower part of the tank, the pipe shall be perpendicular to the tank wall. It is better to use soft connection to avoid the joint connection damage and leakage caused by uneven expansion of the upper and lower parts of the tank wall after the tank is filled with liquid. In serious cases, the joint and the tank body are damaged.
7. The connecting pipe on the equipment shall be sealed with acid proof gasket, and the gasket shall be replaced in time.
8. The filling and output of the equipment must be opened to avoid pressure damage of the equipment.
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