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Nowadays, welding positioner is a very young product, many manufacturing industries need positioner, so in this environment of great demand, it is wise to choose the right products. Jinan Xinhao welding as a welding positioner manufacturer today to introduce the selection of welding positioner. Let's have a look at it with interested friends.
Manufacturer of welding positioner
1. Selection of welding positioner for structural parts
(1) select appropriate welding positioner according to the characteristics of welded structural parts, such as bulldozer rear axle box, excavator x frame can use L-type double rotation welding positioner, bulldozer frame can use roller frame welding positioner, excavator bucket welding positioner can be designed as C-type double rotation, excavator boom can use double column single rotation positioner.
(2) according to the situation of manual welding operation, the selected welding positioner can transfer any welding seam of the welded part to the position of flat welding or ship welding, avoid vertical welding and overhead welding, and ensure the welding quality.
(3) select the welding positioner with good openness, easy operation, compact structure and small floor area according to the operation needs. The operation height of the worker shall be as low as possible, safe and reliable. Tooling design should consider the simple and convenient workpiece clamping.
(4) selection of large-scale structural parts   the welding operation height of the large-scale welding structural part positioner of construction machinery is very high, and workers can weld through the way of pad height. It can also be equipped with hydraulic lifting table to facilitate welding at different height positions.
Welding positioner
2. Several common structures of positioner used in structural parts of mountain pushing construction machinery
(1) double column single rotation welding positioner   this kind of positioner is suitable for the welding of rectangular structure parts of construction machinery such as excavator boom, roller frame, etc. its main feature is that one end of the column is driven by the motor, and the other end is driven by the active end. The columns on both sides can be designed as lifting type to adapt to different specifications of products. The defect of this kind of positioner is that it can only rotate in a circular direction. When selecting, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the weld form is suitable. Fig. 1 shows the application of this kind of positioner in the boom welding of the mountain pushing excavator.
(2) compared with the first kind of positioner, the double seat head tail double rotation welding positioner increases another rotation degree of freedom in another space on the basis of Figure 1. The welding space of this kind of positioner is large, the workpiece can be rotated to the required position, and the design is advanced. At present, it has been successfully used in many manufacturers of construction machinery. Figure 2 shows the use of the double seat head tail double rotation positioner on the X frame of the mountain pushing excavator.
(3) L-type double rotation welding positioner the working device of this kind of positioner is L-type. It has two rotational degrees of freedom, and can rotate in any direction of ± 360 °. Compared with other types of positioners, this positioner has good openness and is easy to operate. Figure 3 shows the successful use of the L-type double rotation welding positioner in the welding of the rear axle box of the bulldozer, and the application effect is very good, which is very popular with the field operators.
(4) C-type double rotation welding positioner C-type rotation form is the same as L-type machine, only for the convenience of clamp specific design, according to the shape of the structure, the working device of the positioner slightly changes. This kind of welding positioner is suitable for welding the bucket of loader and excavator. Figure 4 shows the welding of the C-type double rotation welding positioner on the bucket of the mountain pushing excavator.
Welding positioner
Development trend of welding positioner
Generally, manipulator is used for welding large-scale structural parts in foreign countries. From the current situation of technology and equipment investment in China, it is not mature to replace manual welding with welding robot completely. But if there is no welding positioner, it is impossible for some vertical welds and overhead welds in complex structural parts to be manually adjusted to the position of flat welding or ship welding which is easy to be welded. With the development of welding technology, it is believed that the application of welding positioner in construction machinery will become more and more common.
According to the introduction of Xinhao welding, it can be seen that the right choice of welding positioner is the wise choice, so as to improve our production efficiency, produce high-quality products, and further improve the popularity of products. Therefore, the enterprise must inspect the quality of welding positioner when selecting, so as to lay a solid foundation for the production and processing of products.
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