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 The welding operation frame is a device to send and maintain the welding head or welding gun to the position to be welded, or move the flux along the specified track at the selected welding speed. With the development of heavy industry, the welding operation frame is more and more popular, but more attention should be paid in the use process. The following six guidelines should be followed:

1. Standard scheme optimization criteria when the scheme requirements are satisfied with certain work space requirements, the small boom specifications can be selected through standard optimization, which will be conducive to the stiffness of the welding operator and further reduce the motion inertia.
2. The selection criteria of high-strength data is that the operating machine acts as a load in sequence from the wrist, small arm, big arm to the base. When selecting high-strength data, the criteria should be to reduce the quality of parts.
3. Because there are many moving parts of the welding operator, the motion condition is often changed, so the impact and vibration must occur. The selection of the small motion inertia criterion can increase the movement stability of the welding operator and the mechanical characteristics of the moving welding operator. Therefore, in the scheme, we should pay attention to reduce the mass of the moving parts as much as possible on the premise of satisfying the strength and rigidity, and pay attention to the centroid equipment of the moving parts to the rotating shaft.
4. In the scheme of welding operator, the rigidity is more important than the strength. In order to make the rigidity larger, it is necessary to properly select the section shape and specification of the member, the stiffness of the traveling support and the contact stiffness, reasonably arrange the force and moment acting on the arm, and reduce the zigzag deformation of the member as much as possible.
5. Technical criteria robot welding operator is an active mechanical system with high accuracy and integration. Excellent processing and equipment technology is one of the important criteria to be displayed in the scheme. Only a reasonable structure without excellent technology will inevitably lead to the decline of the function of the operator and the progress of the cost.
6. Reliability criteria: because of the messy arrangement and many links, the robot operator's reliability question is particularly important. Generally speaking, the reliability of components should be higher than that of components, while the reliability of components should be higher than that of the whole machine. The reliability of parts or structures with satisfactory reliability can be determined by probability scheme method, and the reliability of operator system can be determined by system reliability summary method.
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